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         TCK Baking Profiler
         TCK Series Profiler Software
         NEPCON SOUTH CHINA 2009
         e-DataPro DEMO Software
         TCK user manual
         TC Thermal Profiler
         TCK Thermal Profiler
         TCK Wave System
         TC2000+ Welder
         High temperature profiler
        TCK Wave System
        Download:  TCK Wave System




        Main Technical Specifications£º
        1¡¢Thermocouple£º   K-type thermocouple
        2¡¢Sampling interval£º0.05sec---600sec Set with software
        3¡¢Record data£º80000 point/channel, Can record 20 sets profile
        4¡¢Resolution£º 0.1¡æ
        5¡¢Temperature measuring range£º 0¡ª1000¡æ
        6¡¢Temperature measuring accuracy£º ¡À1.0¡æ
        7¡¢Total power£º ¡Ü120mW
        8¡¢Operating voltage£º3.6VDC, rechargeable battery 
        9¡¢Dimensions£º 195(L)¡Á82(W)¡Á21(H)mm
        10¡¢Start  Mode : Manual, specified time or specified temperature
        11¡¢Record mode: Monitor/Record
        12¡¢Connection mode£ºUSB/RF
        13¡¢Software version£ºProfilermanager 1.5
        Wave information£º
        Counterbalance, Run Speed, Immerge depth¡¢Immerge time and Immerge width¡£
        Ramp Slope¡¢Ramp Peak Temp ¡¢Wave Peak Temp
        Standard Composition£º
        1. Thermal profiler      2. Insulation box  
        3. Temperature test line   4. Data download line  
        5. Charger       6. Hi-temp adhesive tape
        7. Software CD   8. ¡°+¡± screwdriver   9. Tweezers
        10. Insulated gloves   11. Hi-temp tine wire 
        12. Scissors         13. Instrument box    
        14. User Manual     15. Acceptance Certificate
        16. RF Transceiver (Choose Composition) 17. Wave Test System
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