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        TC2000+ Welder


        Power£º 110-230Vac£¬50-60Hz
        Output£º 200WS
        Solderingcapability£ºsoldering diameter  0.05---0.5mm
        Working circle: Min 5-10 time/minute
        Size £º250mmW X 118mmH X 200mm D.

        Standard accessories£º  :
        1¡¢ Grasp pincers + wire      2¡¢Protect glasses 
        3¡¢ Carbon electrode           4¡¢2A fuse
        5¡¢ Power wire                    6¡¢ Cut plers
        Choosen accessoires :   Spare carbon electrode
        TC2000+ is design for factor of sense testing, using for produce industry thermocouple interface. And can use for lot of open wide thermocouple users. For example: there are many pints temputure tesing require and   research laboratory. There are many strong points as Brief operation, forming  fine and steady quality. Then it is very nice for raising exact testing and work efficiency, without any special technique require. Only some training, every person will use it and do qualifiedly products. For different diameter thermocouple wire, you can operate it trough change working volt.
        Except manufacture the thermocouple, TC2000+ can be used other field too, for connect wire each other and metal interface.
        Using range: manufacture of thermocouple wire, electron, aviation£¬spaceflight, metallurgy, University and laboratory.
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